331 casting #

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331 casting #

Post by erk_f-100 » Tue Apr 10, 2007 1:56 am

Can anyone tell me why the Chrysler 331 has the same casting # from 51 to 54 even though the 51 to 53 had the extended bell and the 54 the short block? Doesn't the same casting # mean they come from the same mold?
And to continue-The 331 has two different casting #s in 55 to 56 (1551629 and 1619629) Am I right in concluding that there are two different molds and the first one is for the car block only and the other one is for ind, marine and truck blocks? Is this last one (1619629) that has the 5% added nickel content that IndustrialHemiGuy claims? One last question- the 331 1619629 marine bare block is essentually the same as the 331 1954 auto block(short and addition holes up in front)so I can use all the auto parts (crank, tripple nickel heads, cam, Hot Heads timing cover for 51 to 54 etc) that I was going to use on my 54 block? Is there anything else I have to look out for? Thanks for all help and answers. Erik

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Post by George » Tue Apr 10, 2007 9:10 am

Chr intended to use long tails on the less expensive '54 models, & short tails on the more expensive models. There are 2 '54 casting #s, the short tail is1330129.The '55 331 has a different # than the '56 354, but the same as the later 331 truck Hemi & 331 Polys.

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