Three old hemis

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Re: Three old hemis

Post by kaufman » Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:29 pm

Hey mart, the new valve keeper groove is higher than the stock by about .250 I was working on a 99 gmc sub. the other day and tried a retainer off of it, a (350 ), and it set it in just about perfect place, but the overall diameter is to small so I'm looking at some big block stuff know.As far as the application of the new valves.the ex. are 70's ford six. and the In. are mid 60's ford small block.There is such a wide range of options.I just went with the same lenght,and a little bigger head diameter to come up with these perticular valves,witch by the way I could have stuck my new ex. valve in the same hole the the 350 gmc valve came out of,It was really that close. thanks for any help on these issues....kenny 8)

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