Improving 1/4 mi times

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Improving 1/4 mi times

Post by 1500Hemi2003 » Fri Aug 29, 2003 10:50 pm

Hello everyone. I bought a new 2003 Reg. Cab with a HEMI in it of course. Since I am new to racing I would like to get some imput on how to improve my times. My first night out I ran a best of 16.128 @ 82mph. I have heard that others have gotten thiers to run in the mid to low 15's. Any suggestions on how to improve times?


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Post by Hemidakota » Thu Sep 04, 2003 5:37 pm

What is the truck current configuration specs?
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Post by StangN » Mon Sep 29, 2003 8:47 pm

From what Ive seen the 2003 Hemi Ram standard cab we have would probably run a 15.29 and its bone stock. It has the 3.55 rear we drove one with a 3.92 and it didnt pull as hard which was weird. We just use it for pulling one of our Mustangs most of the time. Im confident it would run at least 15.29 or better but not really interested in racing a new daily driver truck. Its getting a full exhaust and a K&N but I dont expect much from those mods.

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Post by 5.7Hemi » Tue Sep 30, 2003 4:32 am


First off; I see you live in Arizona. If there's considerable altitude to where you race, then your times and speeds are going to be slower than comparable trucks running at lower altitudes. To give you a frame of reference, I race my truck at a Track that is at about 900 feet above sea level. There are tables and charts available on the internet wherein you can make rough corrections to your ET's and MPH's for the altitude at which you race. For instance; if you race at 2500 feet above sea level and your truck runs a 16.0; you might run a 15.5 or less if you were racing the truck at sea level. Don't use those numbers; I only gave them as an example of how things work.

Congratulation on the new Hemi. Good Luck and here's a few tips:

1. Run with 1/4 Tank of Fuel (89 Octane)
2. Adjust your Rear Tire pressures down to 28 - 30 psig.
3. Allow an hour for your truck to cooldown after driving to the Track (Hood Open)
4. Turn the Over-Drive OFF
5. Torque-brake the RPM's to about 1800
6. When you Launch, only give 3/4 throttle until you hit 20 mph; then Wide Open Throttle. (This is specific to the Hemi's Electronics)
7. Keep it floored and don't look back until you've crossed the finish line.

This should get you well into the 15's (again depending on the altitude of your Track.) I ran a 15.34 @ 87.6 with my 1500 Hemi SC/SB/3.92/20" Wheels and that was only using the 1800 Launch, Turning OD OFF, the 3/4 Throttle Launch routine. I hadn't bothered to adjust the rear tire pressures or get a good cooldown on the engine.
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Post by mnc2886 » Tue Sep 30, 2003 2:48 pm

Out of curiousity, why would you turn over drive off? I do that and my truck goes slower. I don't have a hemi, but over drive is over drive. As far as I know, over drive is turned off when you are going down hill. Anyways, just curious.

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Post by mnc2886 » Fri Oct 03, 2003 2:36 pm

Well, I am partially mistaken. I played around with my truck and over drive and down shifting was quicker, but only from 2-1, and 3-2. Once I hit 60 it didn't fair to well. I seemed to got the fastes 0-45 in o/d off and then turn it on right before I shift into 3rd.

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