about that 03 tranmission tmr

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about that 03 tranmission tmr

Post by fast5800pdhemi » Mon Jan 05, 2004 6:30 pm

Hi i was wondering if this actually works from anyone that has tried it. It sounds awesome and i would like to try it, but i dont know exactly what i am doing. So if anyone could give a little more detail on it that would be great! Thanks!

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Post by kbuicker » Mon Jan 05, 2004 9:01 pm

Are u talking about the Torque Management wire pull trick?

most of us have done it, It's a DEFINENT increase in seat of your pants acceleration, but your tires will wear fast, not just from spining for fun, but around corners at lights etc, they tend to skip a tad.. if you go back and plug the wire back in, you long for it to be undone once again.. it's addicting.

It's a VERY easy pull, basically under your hood in the engine bay, the black box over your passenger front tire(not the one against the cab), against fender you'll see a group of wires entering a black 'L' shaped box, unbolt the box(I think it was a 10mm), look for yellow wire with green stripe.. I took a nail, 'Dremeled' the end off to make flat, and used to gently nudge the wire out, wrapped the wire end in electrical tape, then tucked back in, voila, instant torque.

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