World Products Aluminum 572 HEMI

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World Products Aluminum 572 HEMI

Post by scottm » Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:04 pm

All Aluminum Hemi Engine - The Sky's The Limit - Tech
New Lightweight Hemi Crate Engine. It'll Be Hard To Keep Your Front Wheels On The Ground ... ine_build/
If you're like us, when you hear the words "aluminum Hemi" your mind leaps to images of nitro-slurping funny cars and rail dragsters from the golden age of drag racing-engines with satin-finished blower cases, fuel injection "bug catcher" intakes and fuel lines the size of fire hoses.

A generation ago, such a combination would have made an untold amount of horsepower, but times change. Today, it's possible to have an aluminum Hemi crate engine that makes nearly 80 percent of the power of the old fuel-sipping blown Hemi engines, but now it could be naturally aspirated with a single four-barrel carburetor-and on pump gas.

World Products' aluminum Street Hemi cylinder block weighs only 142 pounds. It also carries a number of improvements over the original casting to make it stronger, including thicker "China" walls, as well as improved oiling and water jackets. The changes enhance the strength of the casting and support larger-displacement, higher-horsepower combinations.

So, yes, we're talking about a streetable, nearly 800-horsepower all-aluminum Hemi engine. If that sounds almost too good to be true, consider that the fully dressed engine weighs only about as much as fully dressed iron small-block combination (527 pounds in our dyno-test trim).

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