The Stock Appearing Drags HUGE!!!

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The Stock Appearing Drags HUGE!!!

Postby SUPERGONZO » Wed Nov 16, 2005 4:37 pm

The Stock Appearing Drags Huge!!! It was a perfect day. Great weather and the turnout was super ....,45 Factory Stockers, 21 F.A.S.T cars and 42 Show cars....over 100 cars participated in the event. Most everyone had a good day. LOTS of spectators, over 200 I was told. I just wanna thank all you guys who came out yesterday, especially TransAm Glen, Goatless, Greg Gessler, Ralph and the other guys who helped promote the event in their area. Rob and Art did a great job at the show tent, handing out giveaways and prizes, Plaques, T-shirts etc. We may have the bargaining power for a full 2-day event next year. Raceway Park told me personally "we are blown away by the turnout". This is a day where it was below freezing in most spots in the early morning. Hemmings was there and got alot of great magazine material. George from Hemmings is a down to earth muscle car guy and loved the event. I think F.A.S.T / Stock Appearing cars can only get bigger as a result of this. The F.A.S.T lanes were packed with fans, mobbing the participants as if they were rock stars at times. Several new F.A.S.T. ET records were set as well as many personal bests as well. There are 500+ pictures of the event on the website. You have to be a member to view or post, just like this site, but membership is FREE. Check it out


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