WCPM presents Born to Race: Dodge Viper Racing Heritage

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WCPM presents Born to Race: Dodge Viper Racing Heritage

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May 4 - August 29
Museum's Boss Chrysler's Garage

The Walter P. Chrysler Museum proudly presents Born to Race: Dodge Viper Racing Heritage through Aug. 29 in Boss Chrysler’s Garage. The special exhibition showcases eight concept and production models that played a pivotal role in the vehicle’s storied history . . .

Immediately upon introduction of the Dodge Viper concept car at the 1989 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the public was clamoring to buy. Chrysler’s senior executives provided a small team of engineers and designers all the resources needed to produce the car and only one set of instructions – do it right and have it to market in less than three years.

As soon as the first generation Dodge Viper hit the streets in the early 1990s, independent race teams began modifying the vehicle for GT racing. While the Viper’s V-10 engine provided more than enough power, the body was not rigid enough to adapt to racing. When Dodge introduced the second generation Viper in 1995, a GTS coupe was added to the line-up with much more attention to the vehicle’s handling.

With the assistance of Reynard Motorsports in Great Britain and the French racing firm of ORECA, the Viper’s refinement continued, enhancing its international visibility. The partnership resulted in a purpose-built Viper that was suitable for competition and the Dodge Viper GTS-R was introduced in 1996. A total of 57 of these elite vehicles were manufactured over the next eight years.

As the Dodge brand was not sold in Europe, the Viper was badged as a Chrysler overseas and a Dodge in North America. The GTS-R went on to win every prestigious motorsport event in the world.

While Chrysler ended its official backing in 2001, the GTS-R continued racing well into 2007 with much success. The Dodge Viper GTS-R will go down as one of the most successful factory-backed racing vehicles in history.

Complete with a historical timeline and highlight labels detailing each vehicle, Born to Race: Dodge Viper Racing Heritage features such pivotal models as:

1989 Viper Concept Car
1991 Viper RT-10
1996 Viper GTS Coupe
1997 Viper GTS-R
1997 Viper Le Mans Winner C-7
1998 Viper GT-2
2000 Viper GTS-R Concept
2000 Viper GTS-R


For more info: http://www.wpchryslermuseum.org/
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