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Hemi Roadrunner Drag car info needed

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 8:13 am
by balmer
I have a 1968 Roadrunner drag car without vin or title. This car has a 9 digit body stamp on rad and trunk instead of the usual 8. This is supposed to be a 426 4 speed car. It has the torque boxes and pinion reinforcement. It was the GOODYEAR drag car in the 1970’s.

I was wondering if anyone would know what the 9 digits mean and is this a car that may have come through Mr. Norms or is it a factory race car??

Any help please.


Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:34 am
by john
Why not check with Goodyear or Mr. Norm directly ? If it came through either place they may have old paperwork or someone may even remember the car.