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1968 Superstock Rumors

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2003 7:37 pm
by scottm
Originally I was under the assumption that the 1968
Superstock Dart and Barracuda came with the Race
426 Hemi. But I am now hearing that they were just
Street 426 Hemi motors with cross-ram intakes.

Meaning, 10.25:1 compression and Street 426 cam.
Does anyone have any solid information either way?


Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2003 11:52 pm
by hemicar1971
Scott I use to run the standard bore 12/1/2 to 1 in my car out of a 68 Barracuda but now run 12/1/2to 1 aftermarket 30 over piston.I also have in the same motor a factory cam shaft that came out of the same Barracuda.I spun the cam on a dial gauge and got 563 intake and 543 exhaust after you calculate the rocker geom.into the equation,it also had a long duration.The cam did have a part number on it but I had not writen it down, the cam is not going anywhere since I still run that motor on the street.

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2004 9:53 am
by Fastbackcuda

PS Sory about all the caps.

68 Hurst Barracuda

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2004 8:46 pm
by fasttoys
A short time ago I had my 68 Hurst Hemi engine taken apart and put back together. It was and is 12.5 to 1. The original Chrysler anouncement in Feb 68 listed all the components in the cars and one line item stated 12.5 to 1 compression.. This was restated on the order confirmation from Chrysler and the Hurst delivery documents when I picked it up. I also have the specs and part numbers for most of the engine components. The cam is also considerably more stout than the street Hemi.

1968 Factory Superstockers

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 2:15 pm
by ttcrebel
Fasttoys is correct! The 1968 Dodge Darts and Plymouth Barracudas that were produced for "accelerated time trials only" with the RACE 426 HEMI. These motors were not street HEMI's with a crossram intake. They had 12.5 to 1 compression ratio, high lift camshaft with appropriate valve springs, Holley 770 cfm carbs along with a host of other goodies.