Killer '68 528 Hemi Dart Clone

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Killer '68 528 Hemi Dart Clone

Post by scottm » Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:55 pm

1968 Dodge Hemi Dart - Hemi Companion
A Hemi-Powered Dart To Keep A Hemi Barracuda Company ... index.html

When you're a twin, you tend to do things very similarly. Growing up, Ed Faath and his brother Bob were very close. When the time came to start driving, Bob purchased a '68 Charger and naturally, Ed's first choice in cars would be Mopar and he's been hooked ever since. Fast-forward to 2009 and this kinship has materialized multiple projects.

In 2006, a word-of-mouth project was kick started after several discussions with his friend and fabricator, John "Coach" Wallauer. The car in question was a '68 Barracuda that would be turned into a Hemi 'Cuda clone. "That car turned out to be one fun and wicked ride for the street," says Ed. "It was engineered to drive on the street, was street legal, and handled like a go-cart thanks to the RMS Alterkition front suspension." He was so pleased with the way the car turned out that he admits he dreamed of building a car that would actually beat it. His friend John jested that the 'Cuda could use a companion in the garage. This companion could only be a '68 Hemi Dart and he would make sure it was greater than the 'Cuda.
Under the fiberglass hood rests a Speed-O-Motive-built 528 Hemi based around a Mopar Mega Block. The 4.50-inch bore and 4.15-inch stroke pump pistons into the chambers of the Stage V heads. The Hogan sheet metal intake makes sure the air/fuel mix files the cylinders before compression begins.
Read the full article from Mopar Muscle at the website above. :D
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