Richard Rawlings Hits the Wall in Hellcat at Roadkill Nights

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Richard Rawlings Hits the Wall in Hellcat at Roadkill Nights

Post by scottm » Thu Aug 16, 2018 11:15 pm


Richard Rawlings Hits the Wall in a Challenger Hellcat Widebody at Roadkill Nights ... ll-nights/
Roadkill Nights 2018 Powered by Dodge had a ton of festivities for people to enjoy, one of those festivities being the celebrity shootout. This year, David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan squared off against Richard Rawlings, Cristy Lee, Bill Goldberg, and Matt D’Andria, as well as Top Fuel drivers Matt Hagan and Leah Pritchett in Widebody Hellcat Challengers on Woodward Avenue.

The matchups were decided by a poker chip draw, and the bracket was set with Finnegan taking on Freiburger in the first round. An unfortunate happenstance for the guys because it meant one of them would be knocked out right off the bat no matter what. Finnegan ended up taking the win as Freiburger created a smoke show at half-track. The next two matchups went off without a hitch as the competitors got the cars A to B and D’Andria and Goldberg took the wins before Rawlings lined up against Pritchett for the final race of round one.

Before the run Pritchett, was focused and laid down a short, sideways burnout as Richard Rawlings struggled to figure out the cars different performance settings before creating a spectacular smoke show that certainly overheated the street tires, making them greasy. Rawlings staged first and proceeded to do another burnout on the starting line as Pritchett staged. The flagger dropped his arms and Pritchett took off while Rawlings’ tires emitted even more smoke as he disappeared into the rear view mirror of the other car. Well… Doing a rolling burnout down a narrow drag strip certainly isn’t the quickest way to get to the end and many times a loss of traction will put your vehicle in the wall, which is exactly what Rawlings did with the Hellcat. About halfway down the strip the car lurched to the left and the right front tire climbed the k-rail that had been set up to catch any cars that might get out of shape.

Amazingly enough the car had only a slight damage to the front fender and a little curb rash on both driver’s side wheels, which is a testament to how tough these new Hellcats are. After getting back to the starting line, Rawlings paid Pritchett $100 for a side wager they had made before the run, and Rawlings tried to repair his ego by telling himself, “I got beat by the fastest girl in the world. I’m good with that.”

Ultimately it was Bill Goldberg that took the win against Mike Finnegan in the final round taking home all the bragging rights. All he had to say was, “That was a blast – an absolute blast.” Overall, everyone had a great time and got to see some entertaining racing, and Roadkill fans got a little present when Rawlings hit the wall.

Fans can find more about Roadkill Nights at hashtags #RoadkillNights and #poweredbydodge, and there will be more stories coming out from the event so stay tuned to for more!
That's no way to treat a Hellcat Widebody, Richard Rawlings... :evil:

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