Chris Dufresne's 9-sec Blown HEMI Magnum

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Chris Dufresne's 9-sec Blown HEMI Magnum

Post by scottm » Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:54 pm


Chris Dufresne's 9-sec Blown HEMI Magnum
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Chris Dufresne, or HEMI~C~ as he is known to his fellow compatriots, knows how to make some serious horsepower with a boosted HEMI powerplant. After previously winning the 2009 LX and Beyond Nationals in Maple Grove by running consistent low 10 second 1/4 miles with a Paxton Supercharger and Nitrous in his 2006 Magnum, Chris made the switch to the Vortech V-7 YSi-Trim and set out to break some records.

First, Chris slapped his street tires back on the front to help conceal the power potential under the hood and got his Magnum onto the Speed Channel show Pass Time, where contestants attempt to guess what they think a car will run in the 1/4 mile after each asking 1 question, and the closest to being correct wins cash. Well, needless to say Chris’ HEMI took them all by surprise, earning the title “Stupid Nasty” from the show’s announcers as Chris rocketed down the strip to a 10.07 @ 133.74.

Then Chris got down to business, installing a new set of heavily worked Power Werks Racing cylinder heads with Ferrara valves, PAC dual springs, Ti retainers, and ceramic coatings on valve faces/chambers. He also sourced a set of modified fuel injectors from Five O Motorsports, and a new custom tune from Mike Hess. The results were “pure magic” according to Chris, as he proceeded to run in the 9’s without the nitrous.

After making a few additional adjustments, Chris headed to the dyno – 922 RWHP / 756 RWTQ – 93Octane / Street tune / .5 KR
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