Les Norton's Drag Pak Challenger by Mike Roth

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Les Norton's Drag Pak Challenger by Mike Roth

Postby scottm » Sun May 02, 2010 11:06 pm

Check out this Drag Pak Challenger...

These are of the new drag pak car we just finished for Les Norton. He is at the Boise division race and his trans is binding up on the gear changes so bad it almost throws him through the windshield. Boise is an altitude factored track. He has gone 5 60 foots within two thou of each other 1.330 to 1.332 which would equal high to mide 1.20 60's in decent air. The car went 131 and change mph. Warford's car for example just went 9.90 at 131! Norton still is number four qualifier at 10.23 which factors to a high 9.80.......with a broken trans. Definitely a nine second player at altitude. Not too bad for a brand new car.


Good stuff! :evil:

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