6-sec Barracuda packing a Twin Turbo HEMI

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6-sec Barracuda packing a Twin Turbo HEMI

Post by scottm » Sun Jan 04, 2015 9:35 am


This Six Second Barracuda Is Packing A Twin Turbocharged Hemi And Attitude For Days – Really Neat Car
http://bangshift.com/bangshift1320/six- ... -neat-car/
One of the reasons that races like the Street Car Super Nationals and the cars that populate said races have become so popular is because they actually look like cars. Yes, they are all muscled up, gutted, and made into racers but they have an exterior appearance you can relate to. This Barracuda was one of our favorites from SCSN for just that reason. The stance on the thing is pure evil, the engine in the thing is a monster, and the fact that it repeatedly ran in the sixes at over 200mph is nothing to shake a stick at. In this video we see the car both at rest in the pits and heading down the track on some runs. It is cars like this Barracuda that make us wonder what the next technological frontier will be for machines such as this. Over the years the evolution has gotten us here but in order for it to continue, what is the next step. Turbos and nitro? SIGN US UP (to watch).

We’re going to let this one speak for itself. The factory style paint, the turbos peeking out of the front, the awesome sounds of the hemi being force fed. What’s better?!
I'm not usually a fan of the early Barracudas, but the stance and color on this one rocks!
Scott Moseman
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