Early Hemi into Dodge Phoenix

Discussion of the 331-354-392 HEMIs.

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Early Hemi into Dodge Phoenix

Post by OZ Charger » Thu Jun 05, 2003 8:12 am

I am a University student from Australia, I own a 1969 Dodge Phoenix (Australian Delivered Plymouth Fury) that I plan to restore.
It came with an LA series 318 small block V8 and I have been looking at repowering the car with an early Hemi. (Methinks a 354 or 392 will do nicely) :lol:
I dont really want high performance, more along the lines of added cool factor and better pick-up.

What I am curious about is first, will an early Hemi fit in this car? (I think the 69 Fury's were C-Body) and secondly, if so I have read that an early Hemi will bolt up to the 318 mounts and transmission (I think it is a 727 torqueflite) with some modification. Is this true? How much modification needs to be done?

Also, though I now feel like I am bugging you lot to much, How much would an early Hemi cost? Given that you double the price to get it in Aussie dollars. :roll:

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Post by scottm » Thu Jun 05, 2003 9:02 pm

American Hemi Speed Centre

Check with these guys to get more information
on costs associated with importing a V8 Hemi.
Scott Moseman
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