Roller Timing Sets

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Roller Timing Sets

Postby DavidBraley » Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:55 am

Hello Hemi Experts. :wink:

I know that you can easily adapt the small block mopar timing sets to the early Hemi engines with the short-snout camshaft. I recently stumbled across a "Keyway Adjustable Billet Timing Set" from Comp Cams, part #7103. It's for the 273-318-340-360 S.B. Mopar engine. It also comes with a Torrington roller thrust bearing. The thrust bearing is the part I'm not sure can be adapted, not without having it my hands at least:

Has anyone used this timing set on an Early Hemi? Good results? Bad? This timing set will be for my 392 project.

Thanks in advance for your time. Take care,

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