56 354 valve question

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56 354 valve question

Post by 29tons » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:19 pm

Im new to this forum so if this question should be somewhere else let me know. I bought a 56 354 hemi suppose to have been rebuilt years ago. The guy drove it for a while then had left it sit. It started fairly easy but I noticed that it seems to have a stuck valve burnt, valve or maybe too tight. I ran it for a short time and noticed that one side was making a different sound then the other I held my hand over the exhaust pipe and its pushing air out but for a split second here and there I can feel it sucking in also. I was not there when the motor started the first time after sitting. Is this an engine that if the valve stuck down the piston could hit it? There are no knocking sound and seems to run good other than that .all I know is what the guy told me of course he says it runs great and there is nothing wrong.I worked on alot of these cars in the 80s but I just dont remember All I know for sure is I always thought they where cool.

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Re: 56 354 valve question

Post by George » Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:15 pm

If valve was stuck in open position you would have contact. Yes, they are cool! :-) if 'years ago" you were probably lucky the pistons (rings) weren't stuck.

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