Rocker shaft oiling

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Rocker shaft oiling

Postby TrWaters » Sun Sep 14, 2008 6:31 pm

It seems that quite often someone rebuilds their hemi and upon start-up, gets no oil to the rockers. I cannot stress enough how important it is when rebuilding rockers that EVERY passage be checked and cleaned of any blockage.

I am going to share some info concerning the Chrysler 331 354 and 392 oil feed stand. The photos are of 2 different designed oil stands. (There is actually a third that I havent shown here)
Both of the stands shown are the same casting and part number. I am unsure what years they were used, or if it made any difference. Both deliver oil to the rocker shafts, yes, but when it comes to cleaning you will want to pay attention.

This is how to identify. Note the direction in which the oil passage was drilled.

Notice the difference in the length of the locating dowel.

This last one is what I think is the most important. If you have the B style stands, they are quite easy to clean when rebuilding. The drilled passages are basically straight through. Wash in solvent, run a small round brush thru the passages and dry. In style B, because of the straight thru design, the oil goes up into the stand, with some oil straight up to the intake shaft, the rest goes around a groove on the INSIDE of the dowel, and up across to the exhaust rocker shaft.

The A design are the ones you really need to check. The oil goes up into the stand, with some going straight to the intake shaft. The rest is headed to the exhaust shaft. In this style, the oil travels AROUND a groove on the outside of dowel, then up the passage to the exhaust shaft. This style is VERY difficult to clean the oil passage. There is no way to clean the oil groove which goes around the dowel. I have had some that were plugged, with NO way to clean them. I have found the only way to possibly clean this style is with solvent and compressed air. And some luck.
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