RSI turns Viper TA into 1000-hp monster

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RSI turns Viper TA into 1000-hp monster

Post by scottm » Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:56 pm


RSI turns Viper TA into 1,000hp monster ... hp-monster
The Time Attack package is the best performing of the current Dodge Vipers, packing all of the features that the Viper TA needs to be the fastest of the modern Vipers — none of the luxury items that add weight and cost. The Viper TA is the lightest of the modern Mopar supercars, but it has the track dominating performance and 640 horsepower as the rest of the lineup.

However, for some supercar owners, 640 horsepower just isn’t enough, and that is where the folks at RSI Racing Solutions comes into play – with their twin turbo package pushing the output up past 1,000 wheel horsepower.

RSI bills themselves as “The Leader in Dodge Viper Performance,” so it is fitting that the first twin turbo Viper TA video to surface online comes from this Texas-based tuner. RSI has a handful of packages for the newest evolution of the Viper, but based on their website, this car is fitted with an upgraded version of their more subtle package. it is expected to make 850hp with just the basic features, but the owner of this Viper added a few items (like the components needed to run E85), and that took the power level well up over the 1,000 mark. RSI also has a stroker package that lifts the output up over 1,500 horsepower, but back to the stunning Viper shown [above].

This Viper TA has been upfitted with the RSI Twin Turbo 1000 package, which adds a set of huge 62mm Precision Turbo turbochargers, the necessary fuel system upgrades to run E85 and a Motec engine management system which – when tuned to make the most of these items – produces a bone chilling 1042 horsepower and 972lb-ft of torque. Those are power figures at the rear wheels, so this Viper TA packages almost twice as much power as a stock unit at your local dealership.

Best of all, after building this incredible, 1,000+ horsepower Viper TA, RSI had a video made showing the car in action in a variety of settings. We don’t get to see any top speed or quarter mile runs, but we do get to hear this beast roar in the shop on the dyno and we get to see a couple effortless, smoky burnouts.

While this Viper TA is otherwise stock, the modifications made by RSI turn this Mopar supercar into a fire breathing beast with a bark that will easily back up its bite, so make sure to have your speakers turned up when enjoying [the video].
I'm not sold on orange for a Viper, but I'm easily sold on 1000-hp!
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