2015 GTA Spano; a Spanish supercar with Viper power

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2015 GTA Spano; a Spanish supercar with Viper power

Post by scottm » Wed Mar 04, 2015 7:02 pm


The 2015 GTA Spano is a Spanish supercar with a Dodge engine
http://www.examiner.com/article/the-201 ... dge-engine
The 2015 GTA Spano is a Spanish supercar built in Valencia, Spain by the company GTA Motor. Relatively unchanged since 2008, according to Car Buzz in a piece that they dropped earlier today (March 4, 2015,) it looks like the 2015 GTA Spano finally made its worldwide debut earlier today at the Geneva International Auto Show.With a massive American V10 engine from the Dodge Viper powering its rear wheels and exclusive styling by Sento Pallardo, the 2015 GTA Spano is a delight to the senses with plenty of power to back it up.

When the GTA Spano first debuted seven years ago, the Dodge sourced engine was making an impressive 780 HP. Now that same V10 is producing an impressive 925 HP and 900 lbs-ft of torque. This is good enough to launch the GTA Spano to sixty in just 2.9 seconds. All that blistering American power is stuffed through a seven-speed sequential gearbox.There is extensive use of carbon fiber throughout the entire car. Even the chassis is a one-off carbon fiber monocoque piece.

The design of the GTA Spano is definitely striking and classy without being over the top. The front of the hood opens up just like a Dodge Viper from the front. Both doors open scissor style in the same manner as a Lamborghini probably to accommodate such long doors. Surprisingly there is a little luggage space provided in the rear to accommodate a weekend bag or something small. The front end screams top speed with a raked nose and air inlets along the bumper channeling air below and above the hood. The side profile lines flow nicely with giant wheel wells carving big pieces of the profile. Outback there is copious amounts of carbon fiber lining the trunk. Four exhaust pipes channel exhaust gasses above a carbon fiber diffuser. A center mounted reverse light tidies up the rear. No official pricing has been announced, but since it's a small boutique car company, expect to spend more than $1 million. There will only be a limited run of 99 units.
I wish the Viper would make 925-hp... 8)
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