Hemi automatic transmission

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Hemi automatic transmission

Postby Longshot1 » Tue May 15, 2012 2:04 pm

Anybody out there have experience with the Hemi Torqflite? I have one that I believe to be 1968 vintage. The trans is in my 1964 Dodge 440 with a blown 426 Hemi. Bought the car sevearl years ago and it has always had an annoying transmission fluid drip that hits the headers and causes the car to smoke on start up. Just pulled motor and trans out of the car to freshen up polish, engine compartment touch up and to put a chrome mid plate in it. I found a glob of rtv under right where the tailshaft housing bolts to the case and right above the pan. After cleaning the crap off I am looking at what appears to be the end of a shaft. The fluid is seeping around the shaft. Anyone know if there should be a drive plug in the bore for this or better yet what it is?

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