1931 Ford Model A Coupe - Ram Rod

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1931 Ford Model A Coupe - Ram Rod

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1931 Ford Model A Coupe - Ram Rod
http://www.rodandcustommagazine.com/fea ... index.html
“I first met Jason Graham at the Goodguys show in Bowling Green, Kentucky, last fall. He had a ’29 Model A sedan there that I absolutely fell in love with. We talked about building a car together—he basically told me to find a body and he would handle the rest.

“After searching for a while, I ended up locating a fairly decent Model A coupe body in Missouri. Story has it this was an old race car from back in the day. This was somewhat evident by the fact it had a huge hole cut in the quarter-panel where a fuel neck once was. The rear corners were completely rusted away, but the front portion was in great shape.

“My instructions to Jason were that I wanted the car so low that a snake would have to crawl around it, not under! And I wanted it wicked loud and fast. I picked up an old 331 Hemi (along with a Turbo 350 tranny) to handle the last part. Beyond that, I let Jason do most all the planning and decisions on the build. Suicide-mounting the front axle, Z’ing the frame, and dropping the body as far over the ’rails as possible, among other things, took care of the low part; throwing a fabricated manifold with four inline two-barrels on the ol’ ’54 Chrysler engine helped make it go. For steering, rather than attempting to squeeze a box in, Jason elected to go with rack-style setup from Unisteer.

“When it came time to choose a color, all I said was, ‘I want it red!’ While Jason was contemplating a specific shade of red, his wife, Tasha, grabbed a broom from the shop and said, ‘This color’s pretty.’ So, Broom Handle Red it was. That, and a simple black interior with just the basics: CON2R three-spoke steering wheel, Dolphin gauges, Lokar shifter, and a pair of buckets Jason covered in pleated leather.

“I wanted the car built quick so I could start enjoying it this summer. After only about four months, Jason was close enough to finishing it that we agreed to take the Model A to Nashville and debut at the Goodguys show and start enjoying a little early!”
Scott Moseman
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