1972 AMC Gremlin with Turbocharged 354 HEMI

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1972 AMC Gremlin with Turbocharged 354 HEMI

Postby scottm » Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:48 am


1972 AMC Gremlin with Turbocharged 354 HEMI
http://theamcforum.com/forum/72-hemi-gr ... 68464.html

The motor is a rebuilt 54' 354 hemi with a mild street cam. Engine was built by Fran Olson out of N. Carolina in 2009. ( He is an old drag engine builder). I bought it from a guy last summer who lost interest in his build. ( Motor is still in rebuild lube) In the 70's Accel sold a bolt on turbo kit that you could bolt on your stock engine. It is a draw through style with a modest 7psi boost. Should work great with the Hemi and add some torque.

OOPS! Forgot to explain the turbo setup. This early 70's setup did not use a wastegate. Under the carb. is a butterfly valve, so at idle the turbo by passes the chamber and loops back.(Suppose to act like non turbo) When you ramp up the RPM's the vaccum opens the butterfly and lets boost in. Pretty simple. Hope it works!

No one can read that topic and NOT check this out. :P
It's a work in progress, but should be an interesting one!

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