rebuilding a 330

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rebuilding a 330

Post by elephantmtr » Wed Sep 05, 2007 9:46 pm

well a friend of mine has a 330 firedom desoto him he says its a 56. I was wondering if there are any parts that interchange with other hemis maybe with the 331. there just seems to be so many more parts for the dodge chrysler hemis than the desoto. i was looking on trying to find a camshaft and as far as i know all they do is regrind the factory one. and as far as i know only has 331 354 and 392 hemi parts. any help would be great

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Post by DHEMI » Wed Sep 05, 2007 10:32 pm

Some few parts will interchange,lifters,bell housings, engine mounts(331-392 has wider block),and I belive some after market timing covers.You are trying to compare a 350 Buick,and a 350 Chevy,both wedge head and made by G.M., but different.DeSoto's can be built inexpensively,I know,I've got one.Some parts may seem hard to find if you're looking for them,but if you just look for general Hemi stuff,DeSoto parts will turn up.That's how I got a N.O.S. Isky cam(and other parts)for mine.

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