Kinsler 426 HEMI Fuel Injection Manifold

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Kinsler 426 HEMI Fuel Injection Manifold

Post by scottm » Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:55 am

Available with a throttle size just right for street performance and drivability, the Kinsler 426 HEMI individual runner manifold provides awesome throttle response and compliments all cylinder heads as each runner of the manifold has the same shape to flow air equally. The adjustable runner length allows tuning the induction system to move the horsepower peak RPM to achieve the engine’s maximum output potential.

Since there is one nozzle in each runner, the fuel distribution is exactly the same to each cylinder of the engine. The manifold is specifically designed to accept EFI Injectors that are located inboard and include a special inboard idle air control log system. The throttle shafts are plated and run in bronze bushings for super smooth operation. Available throttle bore sizes: 2.0” up to 2 5/8”

The three-piece manifold design will accommodate custom deck heights and custom ports. For more information, call (248) 362-1145 or visit

* Provides better throttle response
* Compliments all cylinder heads and deck heights
* Plated throttle shafts with bronze bushings
* Bore sizes from 2-2 5/8”

Contact Information:

Phone: 248-362-1145
Scott Moseman
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