Piston vs Cam

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Piston vs Cam

Post by Hemigunnar » Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:43 pm


I just took my Hemi apart and trying to decide what cam to use in it...

It came with a 312 deg "Cam Dynamics" cam, CHR 312 s, but I want a more "streetable" car...
I put a original -70 & -71 cam in it and let it run for 20 min, but I think it have to much comp for that cam. It was hard to crank and didn't want to stop when shut down...

Now I have looked at the pistons but I can't id them...

They go 20.7mm above deck and the only marking I can find (without taking them out) is C & A (Child & Albert?)...
No number or anything...

They look like this:




The questions are:

*What are my cr? (Piston id)
*What kind of cam is to use? Is there a nice, streetable cam that go well with these piston, or
*Do I have to change pistons to have a streetable car?
*How "hot" is the 312? Is THAT streetable...?

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Re: Piston vs Cam

Post by Beltran » Sat Apr 09, 2011 2:10 pm

Hard to tell what they are from the pictures. Year of Car or Boat application?

On the older model pistons the numbers were on the inside skirt. Those look to be higher compression to me.

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