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Twin Turbo HEMI Build

Post by scottm » Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:52 pm


Twin turbo Hemi build
Building a monster engine ... turbo-hemi
As a young boy, Chris Perna discovered that he had a gift for drawing. He also had a vivid imagination for, of all things, creating monsters.

His ultimate dream was to be a part of creating monster movies so he spent countless hours (often neglecting homework) drawing all kinds of scary creatures. While most kids grow out of their childhood fantasies, Chris continued to pursue his despite repeated warnings that, “You can’t make any money doing that” and eventually landed a job in the video gaming industry.

Since one of his influences was Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, a love for fast fantasy cars also found its way into the mix and to Chris, the ultimate monster car would be a completely over-the-top, Hemi-powered ’68 Charger. As it turns out, Chris was able to make some money doing what he loved and is now an art director for Epic Games (ever heard of Gears of War?).

And even though he is currently driving a 470 rwhp 2007 6.1L Hemi Charger SRT8, that monster Charger was still lurking around in his imagination. So he contacted John Balow and his crew at Muscle Car Restorations in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, to turn his dream into a reality.

While MCR was building the car and all of the turbo intake and exhaust plumbing, HiTech Motorsport in Elk River, Minnesota, was charged with the task of building a really scary Hemi that could still be easily driven on the street. HiTech’s Brian Ebert is not only an expert engine builder, but also a genius EFI tuner. The goal is 1,200-plus streetable horsepower on pump gas.

The basis for this beast is a crate Hemi block that ends up with a 4.530-inch bore and a 4.500-inch stroke, for a total of 580 cubes. Feeding this monster through a HiTech-designed 90mm billet throttle body will be a pair of Garrett GT4094 68mm liquid-cooled ball-bearing turbos.

Granted, this isn’t the average engine build, but we thought you’d like to see what’s possible with the latest in turbo and EFI technology. Besides, sometimes it’s just fun to let your imagination run wild for a while.
Twin turbocharged 580" HEMI ... I can't stop drooling!
Scott Moseman
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