LA Auto Show: Chrysler 300 "426S"

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LA Auto Show: Chrysler 300 "426S"

Post by scottm » Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:56 pm


Chrysler 300 426S: Because Mopar ... use-mopar/
Just for fun, Chrysler shoehorned their 426 Hemi Gen III all-aluminum crate engine beneath the hood of a Chrysler 300S. They're calling it the "426S." While there's no plan to build a production version, they are interested in knowing what you think about this almost-CTS-V-level 540 HP, 530 lb-ft of torque monster of a mobster-mobile.

Other than the 426 engine, there's no other changes to the vehicle — other than the window on the hood, which is really just decoration to show show-goers what the 426S' all-aluminum beating heart looks like, and a sticker on the rear quarter window.

But the problem is the car's not street-legal. Right now Chrysler encrypts its ECU — so there's no way for an average person to configure the engine to use in the 300 (unless you have friends on the Mopar boards who can tell you how to do it). So at the moment all they're trying to do is measure your reaction to the idea of it — and whether or not there's a real market for it.
540-hp all-aluminum 426 HEMI in a clean sedan? Hook me up!!
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