"Plastic Plymouth", A Chopped HEMI Hot Rod

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"Plastic Plymouth", A Chopped HEMI Hot Rod

Post by scottm » Fri Apr 06, 2012 9:29 pm


The “Plastic Plymouth”, A Chopped HEMI Hot Rod
http://www.dragzine.com/news/the-%E2%80 ... i-hot-rod/
During the heyday of American drag racing, competitors took to looking for any and every advantage they could get in the 1,320 feet of quarter-mile drag racing. This is what led to the development of funny cars with altered wheelbases and fiberglass bodies. Many of these cars have disappeared in the decades since the tumultuous 60’s, but a few classic race cars live on.

Over at SpeedHunters, Mike Garrett checked out the March Meet last month in Southern California, where he spotted this chopped ‘64 Plymouth Valiant. Besides looking badass, it packs serious HEMI horsepower under the hood.

While this Valiant has kept its stock wheelbase, it bears the battle scars of a hard worn racing warrior. The chopped roof may or may not provide an aerodynamic advantage, but the HEMI V8 spouting injection stacks and set back a few inches in the engine bay certainly helps achieve a better weight balance in this old muscle car. And as you might have noticed, the exhaust system exits right behind the front wheels; no mufflers here!

With patina and roughness coming back into style, the less-than-perfect look of this Plymouth drag car couldn’t be better. Wearing old drag racing wheels and a (we hope) functional parachute system, it shouldn’t surprise you that the interior is as bare as possible. Anything to save weight and increase speed…the American muscle car way.

This car means business!
Scott Moseman
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