Resto-Mod 1971 Challenger with 572 HEMI

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Resto-Mod 1971 Challenger with 572 HEMI

Post by scottm » Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:12 pm


Resto-Modded Challenger with a Beastly 572 ci HEMI V8 ... s-hemi-v8/
The original Dodge Challenger was designed by Carl Cameron, and it was heavily manufactured from 1969 to 1974. The original line-up came with different engines, which also included the Chrysler Slant (inline-six). When considering displacement, the best Challenger could hold 440, which translates to 7.2 liters.

However, the Challenger we have here is more to the extreme side. The butterscotch paint may hint a laid-back look, but it hides a 572 (9.3-liter) HEMI V8 engine under the hood. In crate form, such engine is worth $20,000, and you get a 660 lb-ft and 650 horsepower tire-shredding machine. The earth-smashing torque even beats the Hellcat’s 6.2-liter by a good margin.

The Tremec TKO-5 speeder is the quarterback of the entire powertrain setup. The transmission is set at 3.91:1 geared and 8.75-inch rear end. It’s certainly a sweet setup, but it’s also very expensive. This Challenger is estimated to fetch a price of $165,000 to $210,000 at an auction. It also has a very good resume as it was featured in Hot Rod Magazine June 2013 issue.

This Challenger also houses a plethora of luxury goods like a 1970’s Ferrari steering wheel, one-off dashboard layout, diamond-stitched full leather seats, and German weave carpet.

Furthermore, it houses 18-inch wheels, which are a thing of beauty on their own. The slick paint job is eye-catching but in a subtle way. This resto-modded Challenger has everything it needs to catch everyone’s attention at traffic lights. For gearheads, the Magnaflow mufflers and TTI headers are the things that will set it apart. These two definitely help the HEMI V8 engine in singing a loud and clear tune that will shake the ground.

If there is a pinnacle example of what resto-modding is all about, then this Challenger is on the frontlines.
More Photos:

This car is totally awesome! Check out the stacks on the HEMI! :o

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