K1's 3rd Gen HEMI 392 Stroker Crank

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K1's 3rd Gen HEMI 392 Stroker Crank

Post by scottm » Thu Nov 04, 2010 11:45 pm


K1 Technologies Beefs Up The EFI HEMI
http://www.streetlegaltv.com/features/s ... -efi-hemi/
The late-model HEMI has turned into an incredibly popular platform for tuners, and it’s been around long enough now for cars to be out of warranty, on the used market for affordable prices, and ready to get leaned on, hard. Of course, once you start to make, shall we say, “interesting” amounts of power with forced induction, the stock rotating assembly begins to beg for mercy.

That’s where K1 Technologies comes into the picture. Their forged 3.795 stroke EFI HEMI crank is designed with blowers in mind, and takes the 6.1L Chrysler out to 392 cubic inches. It’s made from 4340 steel, has the standard 6-bolt Chrysler flange, and 2.100-inch diameter rod pins. It’s 56 pounds of peace-of-mind for blown HEMI owners, and for extra security, K1 also offers a huge range of both shelf-stock and custom connecting rods. The best part is that “custom” doesn’t mean “breathtakingly expensive” – K1’s rod sets typically run in the $850 range, and include upgraded rod bolts.
Who doesn't want/need a 392 HEMI? Early or Late models. ;)
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