Lunati Voodoo HEMI Cams - Test And Tune

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Lunati Voodoo HEMI Cams - Test And Tune

Post by scottm » Fri Feb 18, 2011 8:42 am


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New Hemi Cams From Lunati

Hot rodders looking for more power from their 5.7L and 6.1L Hemi engines can look to Lunati for custom cam grinds and three new Voodoo billet cams. Though all three of them work well with blown and nitrous applications, the mildest one (PN 61900) has 209/213 degrees of duration (at 0.050 lift) and 0.506/0.512 gross valve lift, making it perfect for trucks. PN 61901 offers 217/221 degrees of duration, 0.518/0.525 lift, and is suited for higher-performance engines with upgraded valvesprings, aftermarket programmers, and higher-stall-speed converters. The most aggressive grind (PN 61902) has 225/229 degrees of duration and 0.531/0.538 lift, serving a wide range of modified applications, including those with an aftermarket converter, an upgraded intake, a blower, or nitrous. All three grinds have a 113 degree lobe-separation angle and 109 degree intake centerline.

Price: $413.60
The title said test and tune, I was hoping for dyno #s. :)
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