Video: 426 Gen 3 HEMI makes 1038-hp with 4.0L Whipping blower

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Video: 426 Gen 3 HEMI makes 1038-hp with 4.0L Whipping blower

Post by scottm » Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:19 pm


Watch This 426ci Gen 3 Hemi Make 1,038 and MASSIVE Torque With A 4.0L Whipple Blower On It ... wer-on-it/
In today’s world it is probably getting dorky to be so excited about seeing an engine make 1,000hp or more but the reality is that it still blows us away that such things are capable while using mills that are largely based around and filled with factory hardware. Take this 426ci Gen 3 Hemi from Arrington Performance for example. With a 4.0L Whipple blower on top of the engine you will see and hear this baby make 1,038hp at peak on this dyno pull. As bad butt as this fact is, the torque numbers are in some ways even more brutal! More than 900 lb-ft of twist for a LONG stretch of this dyno pull. This thing is like a damned diesel!

There are more and more of these Gen 3 hemi engines finding their way into really serious race cars and trucks. Rob Goss, the stand out radial racer who has been working with Tony Bischoff at BES Racing Engines is a shining example of just how effective this engine combo can be with the right guys turning the screws.

Call us dweebs if you want because we’re impressed with four digit horsepower but we are. How fun would it be to grab some of the most famous names in hot rodding from 50 years ago and teleport them to today in a time machine? Those guys would likely faint when they saw the power available to regular people today. Blowers, nitrous, turbos, massive cubic inches, this is the golden age of hot rodding for sure.

Careful with this video. The Arrington Performance YouTube page has all kinds of Mopar goodness to share. You may be heading down a rabbit hole of horsepower here.

My HEMI RAM could most definitely use an upgrade with one of these! :o

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