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Jesse Robinson brings the only Gen III HEMI to Engine Masters Challenge

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:11 pm
by scottm

Jesse Robinson brings the Only Gen III Hemi to the 2018 Engine Masters Challenge ... challenge/
Jesse Robinson, from Apple Hill, Ontario, Canada was the only person to bring a Gen III Hemi to the 2018 Engine Masters Challenge. He owns SKMFX Engines in Summerstown, Ontario and built this motor because he likes the head flow from the non-Eagle 5.7L cylinder heads. This pair uses the stock rocker arms and pushrods, and flow 299 cfm at 0.600 lift through slightly larger 2.02/1.57 valves, and are port-matched to the Ritter Drag Pack single-plane intake. The deck was milled 0.066 to get rid of the quench pad. The cam is a Comp hydraulic roller with 241/247 duration at 0.050 and 0.635 lift. The lifters are from Crower.

Rules for the Traditional Muscle class dictated the use of a carburetor and distributor so Robinson used a Holley Ultra XP 750 and a distributor conversion instead of the MSD HEMI 6 and EFI. The Hemi was also restricted to a single spark plug leaving an estimated 20-25 lb-ft on the table. The engine made 525hp and 452 torque, putting it in the fourth position in the class.
Thanks for representing the HEMI, Jesse! 8)

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