CraigsList: Low-Mileage Hemi: 1952 Desoto FireDome

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CraigsList: Low-Mileage Hemi: 1952 Desoto FireDome

Postby scottm » Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:56 am


CraigsList: Low-Mileage Hemi: 1952 Desoto FireDome ... -firedome/

I’ll admit- I’m a sucker for quirky stuff, like this 1952 Desoto sedan. My dad has a friend from work who is a car guy, typical car guy. He has probably 30 cars, most of which are 4 doors. In running condition, they are probably worth about $3,000 each, but he loves them for what they are. When I was maybe 12, he stopped by our house with his most recent find, a 1956 Desoto much like this one. It was a sedan with the original FireDome V8 and push-button automatic transmission. I vividly remember needing to push the car out of the driveway because he had not connected the linkage for reverse on the transmission! Thanks to reader ggt907 for this awesome Hemi!

I really like this car. It’s new enough to have the unique FireDome Hemi, but old enough to have a manual transmission and really classic post-war styling. The owner says that the car is 100-percent original, retaining its original engine, transmission, paint, and chrome trim. With what the owner claims to be 28,900 original miles, I am convinced that he may be right. Although the majority of the paint on the engine is gone, the patina that remains seems to concur with the low-mileage claim.

The interior presents well. The headliner seems to be in excellent condition, as do what look like the original grey cloth seat covers. From what I can tell, the tops of all four doors and the dash were all wood-grained at the factory. This neat addition still seems to present well. The exterior paint seems to be in good condition for being 63 years old, and the maroon color seems to match in patina across the whole vehicle. The steering wheel has what appears to be a nice factory horn ring and an aftermarket steering wheel wrap.

Honestly, I have my doubts about the original mileage claim. The liscence plate on the front bumper looks like someone bought it from a catalog and put it on after a comprehensive restoration. In all seriousness, for $7500, this car is a good purchase either way. You are getting what appears to be a solid, well-built, and well-loved sedan that any collector could clean and love.

1952 DESOTO FIREDOME HEMI - 28,900 ORIG. MILES! - $7500 (Walkerton, IN)

I'm not big into '50s cars, but if this was somewhere down here in Texas...

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