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RacingJunk: 1970 Ditmars Brothers Top Gas Dragster HEMI

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:17 pm
by scottm

1970 Ditmars Brothers Top Gas Dragster Hemi ... -Hemi.html
This is the "restored" Ditmars Brothers 1970 Top Gas dragster. Original Race Car Specialties 180" chassis with full Kenny Ellis body. Visually accurate to original configuration, with the exception of the 5 point cage necessary to get NHRA chassis certification. Iron block 426 Chrysler hemi, aluminum Kieth Black heads, Hampton 9 rib magnesium 6-71 blower, Hilborn 4 port injector, crower clutch, lenco reverser, 8-3/4 Chrysler rear axle.

The car comes with an extensive collection of historical, home movies, time slips, crew shirts, trophies, receipts, magazines, display sign boards and the original Rupp Scrambler pit bike.

Was run on alcohol with the Mid West All Stars after NHRA discontinued the Top Gas category. Currently set up to run alcohol, has not made any runs since completion. Comes with starter, batteries, two sets of wheels and tires and small enclosed trailer.

More engine details-Bryant billet 4.150" stroke crankshaft, Earp Machine connecting rods, Venolia 4.250" pistons, comp cams camshaft and lifters, Manton push rods, landy intake rockers, Kluff exhaust rockers, JT Stewart rocker shafts, KB stands. Cirello/Schiefer magneto, KB gear drive, hilborn fuel pump, milodon oil pump.
Who needs a Hellcat? 8)