Distributor swap from a B52 starter 331 to a 276 Desoto

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Douglas Gregg
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Distributor swap from a B52 starter 331 to a 276 Desoto

Post by Douglas Gregg » Sun Jan 18, 2004 9:52 am

I have several questions about a dual point 54 Desoto distributor with a 6V positive grd system. Mine has worn bushings, burns points,and has weak spark, with timing that jumps around. It has mechanical and vacuum advance. Autolite 1AZ 4002A, 9H757536. Basically, I want to get the best spark with a 6 volt system so it will start reliably once every few weeks, in a cold climate. Options:
1. Put in an electronic ignitiion module. I can't find one though. Maybe Pertronics can adapt one. But I have heard of many failures. about $150-200
2. Get a rebuilt distributor, time it, and do nothing else. $300
3. Get a rebuilt and add a high impedance high voltage output coil. $350
4. Get a low hours 331 aircraft starter distributor cheap with only mechanical advance. Not sure if it will fit or advance fully. $40. Need feedback on this.
5. Add an electronic ignition to the aircraft starter distributor. $240
6 other options????

Need help. Thanks : :

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