Red Rocket 402 G3 HEMI at Engine Masters 2015

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Red Rocket 402 G3 HEMI at Engine Masters 2015

Post by scottm » Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:47 pm


402ci Gen III Hemi from Red Rocket Engine Co.
The Engine Masters Challenge Is Brought to you By AMSOIL ... engine-co/
The Red Rocket Engine Co. team, led by Daniel Boshears, brought a hot 402ci Gen III Hemi combination to compete in the Hemi Generational Challenge class. Originally Boshears intended to bring a monstrous Gen II Hemi, but when the original Chrysler block showed damage in the mains, the Gen III was hastily prepared to make the show. Despite the last-minute change of engines, the Gen III had been in development long before being pressed into service for the Challenge. As an added bonus, noted Mopar collector Tim Wellborn came along to support the Red Rocket team.

Based on an early 5.7L factory block with modified 2010 5.7L heads, the engine featured a custom hydraulic-roller cam (251/249 @ 0.050) and prototype Johnson hydraulic-roller lifters. Induction was handled by a high-rise Ritter single four-barrel intake manifold fed by a vintage Holley Dominator carb. A unique feature of the engine is Red Rocket’s proprietary rocker stand system, which lends significant strength compared to the factory cast-in stands. The engine showed its power, posting a high of 645 peak horsepower after an involved carb tuning session in the test period. Red Rocket finished with a score of 2,463.2.
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