The Race Cars Of The 2019 Detroit Autorama

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The Race Cars Of The 2019 Detroit Autorama

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Power On Display: The Race Cars Of The 2019 Detroit Autorama ... -autorama/
The Detroit Autorama provides a great dose of automotive medicine for any gearhead that’s suffering from a case of the winter blues. This event brings a wide variety of iron from every era to one place and shows what can be done to customize any vehicle. One of the highlights of the Autorama is the Great Eight — these are the rides in contention for the Ridler award for best-in-show, but if you’re like us the high-performance cars are what you want to see.

For 2019 we hit the Cobo Center ready to check out all the killer rides and the Detroit Autorama delivered. There were plenty of all-out race cars, modern muscle cars, Pro Street monsters, street machines, and nostalgia race cars on display. Here is just a taste of what caught our eye, along with a huge gallery for you to check out from the 2019 Detroit Autorama.


The HEMI engine is 426 cubic-inches of Mopar power that helped kick start the muscle car wars of the 1960s, and it found its way into some great cars. Jerry Helfman’s 1968 Dart is a clone of the classic SS/AH HEMI cars that were developed for drag racing battle. This car features all the classic options you could get like a lightweight front end, radio delete, HVAC delete, van seats, and no rear seat. The steel wheels with dog dish hubcaps help to conceal just what this car was capable of at the track back in the day.


Gassers continue to grow in popularity and that’s something we’re perfectly fine with. Gary Matesic and David Eldridge’s 1953 Henry J is a true original Gasser that has been racing since the 1950s. The car has received extensive body modifications like a 4-inch roof chop and has been shortened 8-inches to help with weight transfer, so it’s actually 7/8 the size of an original Henry J. Under the hood is a period-correct 392 cubic-inch HEMI backed by an M22 “Rock Crusher” four-speed transmission.
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I love those Super Stock HEMI cars!

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