1973 Dodge Challenger 605 HEMI

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1973 Dodge Challenger 605 HEMI

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1973 Dodge Challenger - Switch-Hitter
http://www.popularhotrodding.com/featur ... index.html
By his own account, David Wolfe never planned to own a Dodge. Chevelles, Camaros, and the other usual suspects were more his thing. But when he found out there was this unfinished '73 Challenger project that had a Hemi attached, he switched teams. He says: "Growing up I was always a Bow Tie guy, but my best buddy from age 12 on was a Mopar guy. We always talked about 426 Hemis, and he was a big, big Mopar guy, but I was just always a GM guy. I don't know if it's genetics from your parents, or you just grow up with whatever loyalties that they had." That all changed one afternoon at Performance Restorations in Mundelein, Illinois, a little over two years ago.
"When I found out that this car was going to be on the market, truly the tip-in was that it was going to be a Hemi. It doesn't matter whether you're a GM guy, a Ford guy or anything else, just 'Hemi,' that's all you gotta say. Especially that big of a cubic-inch Hemi with that kind of horsepower." How big? How's about 605 fire-breathing, neck-snapping, wheel-burning cubic inches? How much horsepower? How's about 886 horses running at full steam on pump gas with no baby bottles or hair dryers needed!
The impetus for this whole project-the Hemi-was built by some guys up in Indiana who might know a thing or two about them. You might have heard of Indy Cylinder Heads. Yeah, they build complete engines in addition to their line of big- and small-block Mopar and AMC heads. The elephant powering this Challenger is a spare-no-expense, take-no-prisoners pachyderm using their own aluminum block, a Callies 4340 steel crank, and Wiseco forged pistons down below. Topside is a pair of their Legend series heads with full CNC port and polish, and K-Motion springs. Naturally, a COMP Cams solid roller thumps the lifters up and down and gives just the right signal to the big King Demon 1,190-cfm carb sitting atop the high-rise intake. In addition to the nearly 900 horses, this bad boy just about rips the dyno in half with over 800 lb-ft of torque. Let me reiterate, this is on pump gas!
Follow the link for the full story and all of the HEMI specs!
Click here for more images: http://www.thehemi.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=4900

That's a really nice Challenger! 8)
Scott Moseman
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