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Kenne Bell HEMI Billet Twin Screw Supercharger Kits

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[ Kenne Bell press release ]


Available 05/2009

Exposed top mount - forward facing retro design with real "ram tube" cool air system.

Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge dealership and it's infamous Funny Cars of the '60s and '70s are legendary. Today, Dodge icon Mr. Norm builds his ultra powerful Dodge Super Cuda Challenger cars exclusively with Kenne Bell superchargers.


  • Twin Screw Supercharger (lower power consumption & air charge temp).
  • Street Legal or Competition Kits.
  • INSTANT BOOST (optimum acceleration at ANY rpm).
  • 650HP @ 9 psi. Up to 1500HP @ 23 psi.*
  • Huge HP potential: 2.8L (1200HP), 3.5L (1500HP).*
  • Clean OEM look. No underhood exposed intercooler, piping or "hot air" filters.
  • Integral intercooler (no external pipes, fittings, etc.).
  • Big 4.5" (112mm) "ram tube" with MAMMOTH Inlet components.
  • MAMMOTH Inlet Manifold accepts stock, 90mm or Dual 75 Throttle Body.
  • Optional Dual 75mm Throttle Body (fits same manifold).
  • External Cool Air Filter behind front bumper (no underhood hot air filter, baffle, etc. to rob HP).
  • Retro/OEM top mount - front facing design.
  • Billet polished or black hard anodized vs. competition's painted castings.
  • Fits under stock hood (no $2000 hood, paint & stripes).
  • Easy & economical to upgrade supercharger and/or throttle body.
  • Kenne Bell BOOST-A-PUMP, fuel system & 50lb injectors.
  • Kenne Bell designed, tested & tuned.
  • Step by step easy to read installation instructions.

* See Tech Tips available 05/2009. Depends on engine size, components (cast or forged), modifications, boost, fuel octane, etc.


These kits push Dodge performance to a new level unsurpassed by the competition. And they compliment the rich Dodge performance heritage with a real fully exposed top mount - front facing retro style supercharger kit. We're proud of our billet supercharger so there are no supercharger "covers" or restrictive external runners that hide the supercharger. And no underhood exposed intercoolers, piping and "hot air" sucking filters to clutter up the engine bay. Just that clean, visible an intimidating Kenne Bell Billet Twin Screw MAMMOTH Kit.

We incorporated all the industry leading Kenne Bell Twin Screw MAMMOTH technology into our new Hemi Kits. And we built in plenty of room to grow. This resulted in the most powerful, highest HP potential kits available for the Hemi - the same basic 2.8L kit design chosen by Shelby for their 725HP Super Snake and Mr. Norm for his 650HP Cuda Challenger, the two most powerful production musclecars ever. With a Kenne Bell Kit, your Hemi engine will suck in ONLY cool, dense, power enhancing air from the unique Kenne Bell inlet filter located behind the front bumper. Just like the Hemi's scoops of the '60's and '70's. And you won't get sleepy or hungry waiting for the boost to spool up as the supercharger doesn't rely on engine speed to increase boost as with centrifugals and turbos.

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