Mopar's Infamous Hemi
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Notable Hemi Vehicles

1965 Factory SS Hemi

1965 Plymouth A990 Belvedere
1965 Plymouth A990 Belvedere (clone)

Chrysler was dominating with their Hemi powered lightweights, and they carried this over into 1965 (see the A990 Hemi). The A990 Hemi was dropped into 360 sedans (160 Plymouths and 200 Dodges) to produce some serious Super Stock racers.

To put the power of the A990 Hemi to the ground, these cars came with an A-833 4-speed transmission with an aluminum housing, cast steel bellhousing and Hurst shifter. This transmission was reverse pattern, manual shift located on the steering column. The rear axle was an 8 3/4" unit with 4.56 Sure-Grip gears, modified for one-piece axle shafts.

New NHRA rules requird all-steel bodies (no aluminum fronts). So the bodies were standard gauge sheetmetal construction. Standard steel thickness was .038". The hood, hood scoop, fenders and doors were .018" think. Front bumpers were .040" with lightweight mounting brackets. Rear bumper was factory.

They came with 15x6" painted steel wheels, hub caps deleted. Trunk mounted spare tire and production jack and lug wrench. Front brakes were 10x3" and rear were 10x2.5".

All cars came with champange interiors. The seats came from Dodge A-100 vans with speical aluminum swiss cheese frames. Dome lamp, sunvisors, coat hooks, rear seat, arm rests, dash liner, cowl side trim panels, heater and radio were deleted.

No front sway bars, steel K-member, and six-cylinder torsion bars (.86") for better weight transfer. Wheelbase is 1-inch shorter than stock (Dodge 116-inches, Plymouth 115-inches).

What does all of this give you?
Try very low 11s at over 120-mph.

Last Updated: 2002-11-04

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