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2009-2010 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak

In late 2008, Chrysler revealed details of their "Drag Pak" program that was set for release for the 2009 model year. They would produce a small volume of stripped down, drag race package Challengers in order to meet NHRA requirements.

The 2009 models were available with 3 engine options; 6.1L HEMI, 5.7L HEMI or 5.9L Magnum Wedge. The 2010 models only come with the 6.1L HEMI. Both offer the choice of a 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission.

The Drag Pak features many drag race components including, but not limited to, a composite lift-off hood with functional scoop, Viper style front seats, polycarbonate door windows, electric fan, manual rack and pinion, cable operated deck-lid release, lightweight front brakes, and cable operated throttle and pedal.

The cars begin as body-in-white packages with many usual features missing to reduce weight. No body sealer, sound deadener or undercoat. There is also no windshield wiper assembly, HVAC system, airbags, rear seats, power steering, exhaust or underbody heat shields.

Chrysler's press release for the 2009 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak:

Mopar Reveals Dodge Challenger Drag Race Package

Chrysler's press release for the 2010 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak:

Mopar Announces 2010 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak Program

I'm doing my best to build a photo collection of Drag Pak Challengers:

Dodge Challenger Drag Pak!

Last Updated: 2010-02-23

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