Mopar's Infamous Hemi
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Vehicle 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda Convertible
Engine Crate 428 HEMI
Created 20060828

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You may have seen Ed's HEMI in on a magazine stand. It's a gorgeous SMPI coil-on-plug 528 HEMI built in 2003 by Rich Nedbal of Mopar Engines West. It has a recent update with a Rich Stage V intake with HOlley NOS dry nozzls, 75-lb injectors, and Goodrich coating dual pickup oil system. This 528 HEMI has put down a conservative 680-hp without nitrous.

The car is a rust free 1971 'Cuda convertible in B5 blue originally with 318, auto and A/C. It's been through the rotissere and will hopefully be finished by Mopars at the Strip 2007. Maybe it will run 10s?

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