Mopar's Infamous Hemi
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Vehicle 1941 Willys "Pro Street" Pickup
Engine 426 HEMI
Created 20010731

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This Willys runs a 426 Hemi with real Hilborn injection. MT blower pistons for 11.5 compression, Crane roller cam (roller version of STX-22 racer brown), Brooks T/F rods, Kellog crank, dual pickup crank trigger MSD 6AL ignition, Mike Dunn dual mag drive, Mallory dual mag distributors (converted to crank trigger ignition, courtesy of Mallory), D-6 dual plug cylinder heads, 3500 TCI converter, 727 trans, Dana 60 summers spool full-floating axles, and 4-wheel disc brakes.

Street driven; has been to many hot Aug nights at Reno and numerous car show events in Sacremento area.

Completely built by the owner: frame, engine, headers and the body mods. Only outside work was surface prep and paint.

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