Mopar's Infamous Hemi
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Vehicle 1965 Dodge A990
Engine 1965 Dodge 426 "Race" HEMI
Created 20090918

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1965 Dodge A990 W051 2255098, automatic, white w/ tan interior. Documented to be original A990 car. Never caged or tubbed, 99% original except for 1965 block dated Aug 16, 1965, front bumper and Jere Stahl headers. It was bought new in Anchorage, Alaska, from Bud Johnson Dodge by Orval Moore. Dave and Sue are believed to be the second owners. The Dodge was raced in Super Stock class in 1965, the original engine removed and installed in a 1956 Chevy for Altered class. It sat until Dave and Sue acquired the car in January 1974, a fresh 426 Race Hemi installed and raced as SS/BA for the 1974 season; last race was Labor day weekend, 1974. The car remains the same as set up in 1974 with the enging removed in 1975 but retaind for later reinstall.

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