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Adding Hilborn Fuel Injection!

Contributed by Hilborn Fuel Injection

Basically the HILBORN fuel injector is so simple and comes factory set to any particular set up, gas or alcohol. It's ready to bolt on and requires only minor adjustments for idle speed and mixture. Our mechanical systems are designed for racing applications only, however, for the street rodder, we also sell a "partial" set up for electronic conversions... meaning we supply the assembled manifold, and the customer takes care of machining our casting to receive electronic injector nozzles.

Also for the street rodders... we have just come out with a brand new item... an ECU (electronic control unit) that DOES NOT require a laptop computer or any software. It is so easy to tune! During our final dyno test using the ECU, it took a matter of minutes to completely tune an engine rather than hours or even days. Tuning is done manually using only a screwdriver.

We have also just recently resurrected two previously obsolete fuel injection models, one for the early De Soto (1952-1957) and one for the early Dodge (1953-1958). After being discontinued for years, they are both back by popular demand and will be available in January.

Here is a list of models and prices that may be of interest:

Mechanical Units:
  • Model 331 CH 8G fits early Chrysler 331 Hemis (51-58) - $1550
  • Model 426 CH 8F fits early Chrysler 426 Hemis - $1315
  • Model 276 D 8A fits early De Soto Hemis (52-57) - $1550
  • Model 245 D 8 fits the Red Ram Dodge (53-58) - $1550

  • Plus $136 for Ram Tubes

"Partial" units for electronic conversions:
  • 331 CH 8G / PARTIAL - $1058.55
  • 426 CH 8F / PARTIAL - $808.05
  • 276 D 8A / PARTIAL - $1058.55
  • 245 D 8 / PARTIAL - $1058.55

The CARABINE ECU "Easy Tune" electronic control unit sells for $950.

Last Updated: 2001-12-13

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